Hotham's Cardamom & Orange Botanical Vodka

50cl Bottle 42% ABV 

A one-off special batch of just 50 bottles.

Distilled 7 times in both column and alembic pot stills, Hotham's Cardamom and Orange Botanical Vodka is the first in our limited edition series.

Best served neat over ice.

For a long drink, try it over ice with a quality Indian tonic, and garnish with a slice of orange. Our vodka is so botanically rich you will see it mist as soon as it mixes with the tonic!

All our spirits are gluten-free, vegan, GMO-free and are not tested on animals. To find out more about the allergens we avoid, click here

We are sorry but we cannot sell gin to under 18s 

Buy online for delivery or collect from Hotham's Gin School and Distillery within Hepworth's Arcade, Hull.

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