Viola Trust 2020 Charity Calendar

The Viola features on the cover of the calendar and for the month of April. Other featured vessels are the Kirkella, Humber Barges, Norland, HMS Bounty, Lincoln Castle, HMS Britannia with HMS Yarmouth, Manxman, Sea Challenger, Arctic Corsair, Rialto and Diana.

Larry Malkin, an artist from Welwick, East Yorkshire, initiated the project and has painted pictures of ships with a strong Hull connection to be featured in the “Homeward Bound” calendar. With printing of the calendar sponsored by local businesses, the Viola campaign will receive all the proceeds from sales, topped up by the revenue from an auction of the original paintings early in 2020.

Larry, who works from his studio at home, was inspired to create the calendar after being commissioned to paint a picture of the Norland for the cover of a book. He had already decided to paint the Viola and offer the work to the Viola Trust for auction, and he was planning another work showing the visit to Hull by the Royal Yacht Britannia in 1977.

He said: “I realised that by having three separate paintings we had the start of a calendar, so I contacted the Trust and offered to put one together.”

Larry brought in Steve Hillyard, a skilled designer, who laid out the pages, and he worked with the Viola Trust to secure sponsorship, ensuring that all profits from the sale of the 500 copies of the calendar will go to support the campaign.

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Buy online for delivery or come and collect from Hotham's Gin School and Distillery within Hepworth's Arcade, Hull


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